If You’re Waiting…

383643_238643246203721_146980198703360_546457_1887968564_nSo how do you know what it is time to go for it?!? You have a wonderful idea that everyone else thinks is fantastic – they don’t want to help you – but they think its a great idea. So…you do it…you take that chance…and you take that first step towards your dreams.  Here’s the rub. See, everyone else wants it overnight – and lets face it – so do you – but it takes as long as it takes. But what comes next…where did all that support go??? All of a sudden encouragement becomes reticence, enthusiasm gives way to impatience, and the nay-saying begins. “Oh when are you going to quit this and get a real job”…we’ve all heard it and yet we stay strong.

WHY you may ask? WHY do we keep going – or WHY keep going at all??? The WHY is WHY you began in the first place. You saw a need and wanted to fill it. Well guess what – that need is still there and needing your assistance so – that is why I say – if you are waiting for a sign here it is…NOW GO BIG!

The biggest obstacle you face could very well be you! Get out of your own way and let your dreams take control….you’ll be amazed at what can happen, often when you least expect it!


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