If You Build It ~ by Janice Clark

Ever wonder why you aren’t getting results from your social media efforts?
You’ve got a great product, service or idea. You’re a great person. And now you’re armed with brand new (or old) social media accounts and you’ve started posting. Yay!
So what’s the problem?

The Problem
The problem is that you aren’t seeing the success that everyone promised you when you began using social media!
•No one is coming to your website.
•No one is buying from you.
•No one is Retweeting you or commenting on your Facebook page
•In fact, no one even seems to be listening to you at all!
Maybe you’ve had some success, but it just hasn’t been what you thought it would be. And in your heart, quietly and privately (because you don’t dare say it aloud) you’re beginning to wonder if social media is EVER going to work for you!!

The Solution
I’ve met so many amazing people in this business! Great ideas and phenomenal products and services surround me on a daily basis! Unfortunately the people behind these phenomenal products and services, often don’t have a clue about what it’s going to take to introduce themselves and their offerings to the rest of the world. My goal is that by the end of this blog post, you’ll be ready to start launching yourself properly into a successful niche market of your choosing!
So let’s get started…

You need something to sell/share – If you don’t have a great product, service or idea then you can stop reading. No amount of social networking or marketing assistance is going to overcome the fact that you don’t have anything others want.

You need a website – If you don’t have a website where people can find out more about you, read your content, share your information and purchase, then you aren’t going to get far. No, you can’t skimp by with a Facebook page until you get around to building a website. No, you can’t wait until you start making a little money before you build a website. Make the investment and create a user friendly and functional site that you’ll be proud to drive traffic to. It doesn’t have to cost a million dollars. It does need to make you look great and showcase you as the genius you truly are in your field. Can you use free web building tools like Weebly or Webs? Sure you can! If that’s all you can do to get started then it’s a start. Keep in mind though that your website is a reflection of you and how professional you are. If your website is tough to navigate or looks cheap then it’s going to be tough to make the sale. WordPress.com offers some free options to help you build your first website and WordPress.org has some very affordable options if you’re ready to step up into a paid site. And these sites can grow as you do! Sites like HostGator and Siteground work great for inexpensive hosting as well!
You need content – No doubt about it, you’ve got to have something to say. If you sell widgets then blog about
1) How to clean those widgets
2) Creative uses for those widgets
3) The accessories that go with the widgets
4) Celebrities that are wearing those widgets
5) How to use the widgets
6) How to repair the widgets
7) How to get replacements for the widgets
8) How to display the widgets — Are you beginning to get the idea?
You need solid content in the form of blog posts, video, photos, articles, reports, etc in order to promote your widgets! Do you need ALL of that content? Well, it would be nice, but no, you aren’t required to have all of those types of content. You do need at least one of those types and preferably 2-3.

You need to syndicate
– Here is what you’ve come for. Now that you have the content, what should you do with it? Keep in mind that your target audience is comprised of people who consume content in a variety of ways. Some of your audience will want to read what you have to say. Others will only watch video. If you are ONLY blogging or ONLY doing video then you are leaving money on the table! Re-purpose your best content for multiple platforms! Share multiple times over a period of time (no spamming!) in order to offer your content across a variety of time zones.

Need a few specifics?
Here are 17 ways to syndicate or launch your content once you’ve got it!
1.Tweet out a link to your content (Share at least once across each time zone during the first week)
2.Post the content to your Facebook page
3.If you network from your personal profile then share it on your Facebook profile
4.Share your content as appropriate in your Facebook groups (yes, I intended that to be plural – share in more than 1          group as appropriate!)
5.Share a link to your content on LinkedIn
6.Share your content as appropriate in your LinkedIn groups (more than 1 here as well)
7.Discuss your content on Google+
8.Share photos from your content on Pinterest
9.Share your content on social bookmarking sites
10.Host your own radio show and share information with an entirely new audience of potential clients!
11.Host teleseminars or webinars sharing your information and offer them as either downloadable MP3s or as                 on-demand webinars
12.Ask your friends to share your content on their networking sites (Don’t spam people with these requests! Ask nicely as appropriate when you have a particularly good piece of content you’d like to get out there)
13.When people share your content on Twitter go ahead and Retweet their share! Then be sure to thank them appropriately for retweeting you
14.Add your latest blog post to your email signature
15.Share your content with your mailing list
16.Create a Slideshare presentation from your best blog posts
17.Send out a press release (only for those things that are newsworthy)
18.Don’t forget to tweet about your press release and post it to your Facebook page and Google+!
If you would like to read more about syndicating your content, I recommend you take a look at these two posts I wrote for Social Buzz Club earlier this year. Incidentally, Social Buzz Club is another great way to get your content shared widely across your social media platforms!
How to Syndicate Your Content and Become Well Known Online
How to Syndicate Your Content With Social Media

And for the Bonus round! Want lots more shares? Share other people’s content! Reach out and say hello to people online – Above all, respond to those who reach out to you!! This is one that drives me insane!! Why would I continue to share your content and pay attention to you if you never even bother to thank me or at least say hello when I send you an @mention ? Here’s the argument I hear most often from this statement. “You don’t see Coca-Cola or Zappos responding to every little mention!” Well, of course you don’t! But are you as popular as Coca-Cola or Zappos? Exactly how many hundreds of thousands of people are following you online right now? Tens of thousands? No? Unless you have hundreds and thousands of people reaching out to you online daily then you probably aren’t successful enough to adopt their strategies. I’m not that successful either!! I get hundreds of shares each week and I still do my best to respond to every one of them! I still do my best to say thank you every single time! We all have bad days. We all have crazy weeks. Have I ever missed thanking someone? Quite possibly, but it was a complete accident!! I get so many shares because I have a great service, I produce valuable content, I syndicate it well and I develop real relationships with the people I meet online! That’s a success strategy that is 100% guaranteed to work or your money back! 🙂

Want to hear more? Join me on Tuesday, August 7th at 2pm EST on Word of Mom Radio. We’ll be discussing all of this information and more in great detail! http://www.bizmsolutions.com/home/social-media-help-not-hype.html
Bring your questions, then join me on Word of Mom Radio and get your questions answered live!

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