I Choose…

Creating new office spaces today throughout my house today! Its exciting to reinvent the space you’ve worked in for 2 years.

First, I am creating more storage space in my office for Safety First Bags because it is good to keep inventory at my finger tips. I converted the garage into an office in my town house, and it is the full floorspace of the main floors without walls!!! I used wall units to create a division and have storage space behind them and a fully carpeted office, complete with conference table on the main floor. It is awesome to leave my home, go down the stairs – and its cold in the stairwell – and open the door to the office! What a blessing!

With that blessing comes major electric charges in the winter, so this year I have taken advantage of my laptop that HP sponsored Word of Mom with and worked from upstairs 95% of my time this winter. The savings have been tremendous as my bill more than doubled in the winter having to heat the garage.

With this blessing comes the decision to bring my office upstairs for the next few months. This is the second change and at first, it was a struggle for me as it has been many office was in the living part of my home.  As a MOMpreneur my office has been in my bedroom, then the dining room and then, finally, in an office in my house. It is a bit of an adjustment to make the decision to move part of my office back into my day to day life. Funny how even though I work from home psychologically I “go to the office” every day. Now my office is going to be living with me again, but this time it is because I choose to do this – not because I don’t have a choice! Ah the difference the when you choose…

I choose to love my second office in my home and will make it cozy and professional with just a bit of fun tossed in for good measure. I choose – what WONDERFUL words those are! I say it again, I choose.

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  1. Yanto August 19, 2015 at 11:22 am #

    Elissa, I can’t find the step in between this one and the chain stich. You said, After we make our chain sittch into a circle.. I can’t find that video. I see the others I even searched for How to Crochet Beanies: How to Chain Stitch in a Circle. Where is the video, dear? What is it called? It would have been nice to have them numbered. LOVE the videos, though. Nice.

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