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Christa O’Leary, MA, MFT is an author, motivational speaker and soon-to-be Hay House Radio host who Designs Inspired Living.  2012 has proven to be an exciting year for MOMpreneur, Christa O’Leary and her company Home in Harmony Lifestyle.  She recently won Hay House Publisher’s Movers and Shakers Book Contract, her own radio show on Hay House Radio and was honored with the Health Champion Award by Healthy Living Magazine.

Christa’s first successful business as a MOMpreneur was in the world of interior design where her designs were featured in national newspapers across the country, gained international exposure within the fabric industry and even debuted on NBC.

In 2009, relocation to a new state made her reevaluate her business direction and embark on a new path.  Christa realized it was possible to combine her life long passions and academic pursuits of interior design, psychology, healthy living and yoga into a business and lifestyle that helped others design their best lives.  In the face of change, this MOMpreneur was able to adapt her business model and turn her successful interior design career into the multi-faceted company, Home in Harmony Lifestyle. Christa’s intention is to teach a lifestyle that helps you achieve your fullest potential. The heart & foundation of the Home in Harmony Lifestyle focuses on four pillars; creating an Inspired Home, Healthy Body, Calm Mind and helping you connect to your Inner Light.

In our fast paced world, it is more important than ever to create a home environment that nurtures your body, mind & spirit. Christa teaches other mom’s how to easily create living spaces that nurture them and their families, both aesthetically, emotionally and holistically.  She has proven strategies on how to create a supportive, non-toxic home environment that is healthful and beautiful.  Understanding how to decipher labels on the many products we bring into our homes, from the paints and rugs to the food and beauty products we choose, is imperative to our health and happiness.  Christa’s goal is to give practical information on what health promoting foods and plants can be utilized to create a healthy environment and body.

As the pace of life rapidly accelerates it is important for everyone, especially mom’s, to find calm in the midst of chaos. Creating peace and stillness both internally and in your interior environment allows you to create a feeling of inner harmony.  Christa shares tips on how to create this interior alignment that fosters calm & clarity despite the tumultuous progression of the outside world.  Re-connecting individuals to their passion and purpose, which is often forgotten and neglected in the frenzy of the to-do list, is necessary to live your most vibrant life.  Finding your passion & purpose allows you to get your glow on and radiate your inner light.

Using the four pillars of the Home in Harmony Lifestyle, Inspired Home, Healthy Body, Calm Mind and connecting to your Inner Light, allows you to design and weave the magnificently inspired tapestry of your life…  your Home in Harmony Lifestyle.

Christa offers our listeners a Free Gift.  It is a downloadable Home in Harmony Lifestyle Solution: Intuitive Interior Alignment.  Additionally, you will receive a bonus gift, Home in Harmony Lifestyle Inspired Solution: Ten Tips to Design Your Dream Party! This is perfect timing for the holidays. The link is: http://www.homeinharmonydesigns.com/GetGift.html
Be sure to enjoy our conversation on Word of Mom Radio and take Christa up on her offers!

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