Guest Post – Tiara Henderson

Necessity – The Mother of Invention!

After having my daughter, I realized that there was a lack of innovation and thoughtfulness in many of the products available to moms and babies.  When I went searching for an easier snack time solution, I couldn’t find it.  So I decided to invent it!  My “idea day” was November 18, 2009 as I was driving home with my toddler.  She was having trouble using both a sippy cup and a snack cup at the same time.  When I got home a drew a sketch of my first product, Cubbie Cup!   Over the course of the next year, I worked with my CAD designer and graphic designer to come up with the best design for the product.  I also worked on the patent and the trademark, which are now complete!  It took approximately a year to go from idea to product.  I had a great team and we worked together to get this accomplished.

This has been a wonderful learning experience for me.  I have learned so much about manufacturing, the retail trade, the wholesale trade, cost accounting, marketing, the legal landscape, etc.  As a former investment banker, I never felt like I fully utilized my MBA.  However, the process of bringing a product to market allowed me to use EVERY aspect of that degree and it’s been a lot of fun!  Now I look forward to getting Cubbie Cup and other products on retail shelves very soon.

Join me on Word of Mom Thursday as I converse with Dori DeCarlo about my life as a MOMpreneur.

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