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How Social Media Made Me a WINNER

A few short weeks ago I was strategizing how to achieve peace in the Middle East. Okay, okay. I was participating in a chat on Twitter. It’s addicting! What can I say? Well, this particular chat is really great—it’s a weekly event hosted by 30Second Mom. If you don’t know about 30Second Mom  it’s a super cool online community. There’s a website and an app; both of which feature 30 second video tips by busy moms, for busy moms. How awesome is that? I thought it was so awesome that I’ve become a contributor and my first to video tips are up already! Every week there’s a #30secondmom chat on Twitter, and every week there’s a cool guest. Guess who was the guest that week when I wasn’t solving the problems in the Middle East? Dori DeCarlo of Word of Mom Radio! She was gracious enough to offer a prize to one of the chatters—a guest appearance on her show! And guess who won? Oh forget it! I’ll just tell you…It was ME! The reason why that’s all in caps is because I never win anything. Well, barely ever. I did win “Best Science Grade” in middle school one year, and while I am proud of that, this prize was even better!

(link HERE to listen to the archived show!)

It gave me the opportunity to get to know Dori and her amazing listeners, and also, to share a little about my book, The FabYOUList: List It, Live It, Love Your Life. It’s about how I had a mini mid-life freak out, made a life list, and challenged myself to achieve all 40 goals before my 40th birthday. #40 was “write a book” and that book–The FabYOUList—is the story of how I crossed off number 1 through 39, and what I learned along the way. It was a life changing experience to say the least. Before that list I wasn’t doing a whole lot of anything (other than laundry—I do a ton of that!). Now I’m a lifestyle editor, an on-air personality, a blogger (visit for kicks!), a commercial actor, and an autism activist. Of course, out of all my many hats, my mom hat is still my favorite. And I still do a ton of laundry. But, I am happy to report that I’m feeling beyond fulfilled now that I’m on the other side of that big f-word, forty. I’m excited about what I’m doing and am honored that it helps other people lead healthier, happier, more balanced lives. Any-hoo…that’s me. I’d love to hear about you! Tweet me @SusanCross1  or find me on Facebook at If you want me to email you fun stuff like cocktail recipes, info about my appearances, and links to fun videos, sign up for my mailing list on my website

Meet Susan

Susan Campbell Cross is an author, life-style expert, on-air personality, wife and Mompreneur. Susan is the lifestyle editor of SHAPE, OK and Star Magazines, and a contributor to The Daily Muse. Her articles have appeared on Huff Post Woman, Forbes Woman and Yahoo Shine.  Her blog, Secrets of a Suburban Soccer Mom has led to her becoming a regular correspondent for Let’s Talk Autism, Modern Media, the Radio Show and frequent TV segments for San Diego Living and Daytime. She has acted in campaigns for Mr. Coffee, Direct TV and more and has appeared in cooking segments with Bobby Flay.

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