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Happy and Healthy New Year to you MOMpreneurs!

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This is a Guest Blog Post from Peggy – read on…

I want you to have the best year ever and I will help you do it here with sound medical advice on the common cold that you are NOT hearing from most other media sources.

First, I’m giving you a few action steps for when you have a cold in progress. Then I’m sharing  4 tips for long-term prevention of colds, based on strengthening your immune system  with the Four Pillars of Health.

So for starters, what should you do first when you actually have a cold? That first sign of a cold tickly feeling in your throat, mild achiness, and/or when your nose starts to run overtime.

Rush out to buy Over The Counter medicines at your local pharmacy? Aren’t they strong and effective?


OK, how about herbal remedies from the organic natural health food store? If they are Natural and Organic they must be good and effective, right? or at least not harmful?

NAY AGAIN, I say! They ALL DON’T work! Even the Organic Herbal ones! Even the Alternative/Integrative pills and herbs, such as those from Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Instead do what has been shown to be the MOST EFFECTIVE treatments for common cold in the world. From our review of all the research studies done on all the common cold remedies, studied by our mainstream medical science, there is one important element that has been shown to be the most effective in getting over a cold as fast as possible. Instead of the 1-2 weeks duration that most doctors now predict your cold will last, people who follow these methods get better in 1-2 DAYS!

AND the same methods are echoed in remedies used by many cultures around the world, as I am finding in my interviews of international scholars for my book on the common cold global remedies.


  • UNDERSTAND how a cold virus works.. that Cold viruses thrive at COLD temperature so fight them off with the opposite–warmth & steam!
  • Sip a toasty warm drink—tea, soup, hot water, anything warm!
  • Take two hot steamy showers a day!
  • Wrap a scarf over your nose and mouth when you are in cold air.
  • Turn your bedroom heat up at night.

for more tips  see my website

And next, after you have taken care of the urgent symptoms, you need to really build your immune system long term to be strong to fight of this and future cold viruses.

So here is another set of four quick tips for you to DO RIGHT NOW to start building your Four Pillars of Health for preventing and reducing common colds. (I’ll explain why below)

TIP #1: Sleep in (or go to bed early) as much as you can –after you get your top priority work done (for example, I was up til midnight last night writing an urgent document, but slept in until 10 a.m. this morning…nice!

TIP #2: Boost your immune system, NOT with pills, but with EXERCISE, whatever you really enjoy most (I prefer social dancing, but this morning I went jogging instead.) If you don’t enjoy it you won’t keep it up, so find something regular that you really do enjoy that gives you cardio-fitness.

TiP #3:  Buy cans of high protein, low-fat vegetable-rich soup to have as a default meal when you have a cold or are in a hurry. Chicken noodle is great, but any healthy soup will do. Why soup? It’s the warm steamy broth that really helps.  Stock up on it! Warm it up piping hot and serve it twice daily to anyone who has a cold! In fact eat it yourself when you can. Fast and healthy!

For example, I now have in my hand   “Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup.” It’s label says it has 8 grams of protein and 90 calories per serving.  Admittedly, homemade soup usually tastes better than canned, IF you are a good cook…BUT even so, as Mompreneurs YOU don’t have TIME to make it often. So don’t feel bad about serving canned soup.  It’s a great healthy, satisfying meal, and FAST. So just stock up on cans of chicken soup or or any other high protein, high-vegetable, low-fat quality, tasty and healthy brands of soup.  Eat it as a fast default meal for lunch or dinner, so you can get your OTHER work done and reduce other stress in your life!

TIP #4: Prioritize your many tasks and relationships (both are important) and don’t overcommit!  say NO to whatever is lower than, perhaps #6 or #7 on the list, and get your top priority work done so you feel good about your jobs AND good about  your important relationships. This includes your relationship with yourself and your body. So you need to keep getting good sleep, eating healthy and exercising.

OK, those are one tip per pillar for each of my FOUR PILLARS OF HEALTH to get you going on the right track.  (see my extended Advice Chart at  for more info on the Four Pillars of Health.)

Now you are doing the RIGHT things first, and have gotten your major health pillars in place!

So MOMpreneurs — I want to congratulate you for being a great mother and entrepreneur. Because you are reading this, you are a go-getter who is making the most of your potential. You want to do your best in using your life, talents, gifts and resources to raise a happy family and help other people in this world.

I look forward to sharing more of my advice and talking with you all more on the Word of Mom radio show next week! Please call in and let me know if this advice is helpful to you or not. I’m always eager to hear more own tips recipes or questions and especially your common cold stories, good, bad, helpful, funny or weird. It’s the world’s most common disease — the virus that brings us all closer together!

“Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” — Peggy Pollard is a MOMpreneur with children ages 35, 22, 21 and 16, and 3 grandsons. She has worked for 20 years as director of a social program for university international students, is a ballroom dance instructor and competitor. Peggy has also worked as a newspaper reporter and publicist and is now writing her first book on the Common Cold, collaborating with her husband Dr. Bob Pollard, Emergency Room Physician who graduated with honors from UCSF Medical school (one of top 5 in the U.S.) and has been developing his common cold advice for 30 years with thousands of patients in ER and Urgent Care clinics. 

Visit her blog website and get a free downloadable chart “Peggy’s 10 rules for the Common Cold Care” (or purchase the downloadble extended advice chart  for less than the price of gas to drive to a doctor’s visit), at  or

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