Guest Blog Post – Jennifer Pereyra

I am excited and honored to be a guest on Word of Mom on Mom TV with Dori DeCarlo.  Dori has put together a wonderful format and resource where current MOMpreneurs, and more importantly, those that might be looking to jump into the game, can turn for some real world experiential advice.
I hope to share with all of you how I became an accidental MOMpreneur having stumbled into this world of book publishing, social media marketing, and the like.  It can seem daunting, but embrace it!  You will be happy that you did.
I am a little bit of a hybrid of sorts.  I still have one foot placed very firmly in corporate America working for one of the largest manufacturers of healthcare products worldwide.  At the same time, I am figuring out how to get this new business venture going while making sure I remain 100% focused on the job that is currently keeping the lights on.  Let’s not forget that I have a husband and two young daughters who are 6 and 2.  Throw all that into the mix and well, I don’t think even the word juggling quite describes it.  It is definitely a work in progress! 
In addition, Dori and I discussed “The 3 Best Kept Secrets that Every Working Mother of Young Children Needs to Know”.  The first is, “How to train your significant other”.  The second is, “The two most overlooked questions when choosing center-based childcare”. Last, but definitely not least, is “Achieving daily balance is impossible;accept it now.”
I am looking forward to sharing anything else that I may have learned along the way that could be helpful to you.  In case you are interested in learning more about me, you can find me on Facebook at; Twitter @JenP_kidsauthor; or at my website .

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