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Yesterday, during the same point of time as I was editing chapters about Inaccurate Thinking and Balancing Thoughts, I discovered that someone I’m very close to doesn’t really believe in the ultimate success of my No Such Thing as a Bully® project. This wasn’t entirely news to me, but human nature (at least mine) hopes to win everyone over with a lot of solid effort over a period of time.

Today, as I reconcile to myself that everyone isn’t going to love what I do, the skills of acknowledging inaccurate thinking and balancing inaccurate thoughts are coming in very handy. It’s easy to let yourself be blocked by an event, something someone has to say, or even simply, a thought.

My automatic thoughts:
I can’t make the big vision clear enough.

Defending this is too much work.

Everything is taking too long.

But we TEACH this stuff in the NSTAAB program! So instead of allowing myself to be blocked, I will take a dose of my own preaching, and reaffirm:

I am valuable.

I am strong.

I am smart.

I am following my path.

MOMpreneurs… I encourage you to do the same.  Notice the thoughts that block you. They might come in memories of something someone has said, or in the memory of an experience. You might hear an inaccurate thought as a voice in your head, see it as a vision, or even say it out loud.

Grab your thought and ask the following questions:

  1. What is true about this thought?
  2. What is not true about this thought?
  3. What is another way of thinking about it.

If you have trouble coming up with answers…ask yourself “If my best friend told me SHE was having this thought, what would I say?” or get your best friend’s help. It’s a great skill to learn with a partner.

And teach it to your children! It is one of the things that prevents bully actions from really getting under our skin. I can’t wait to talk about more confidence building tools on the call!

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