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Leela Francis on Word of Mom May 12

Branding– Who AM I Really Serving?

Being a business owner is like having a full time mirror staring back at me. My business is a living breathing reflection of who and how I am, or so I thought .

What I’ve learned about myself through the process of business branding, is that my business needs to not so much reflect me, as much as it needs to reflect and speak to my ideal client.

I learned this the hard way.

The last time I rebranded, I was still very attached to who I am and how my message in the world was communicated to reflect that. What I know understand is that my branding needs to speak to my clients who want what I offer, instead of speaking to consumers who are like me.

For instance, my ideal client is a woman between the ages of 35-55. She is ambitious and passionate to serve. That’s where the similarity between me and my ideal client ends. In addition, my ideal client works hard to support a quality of life valued by mainstream society and she has largely had to give up her feminine sensibilities to achieve that and is finding herself disenchanted and dissatisfied as a result.

Is that who I am, no , and it’s precisely because I live a different sort of life, and have stayed true to my feminine values, that I’m qualified to facilitate women’s way home to their embodied power. I am not, in other words, my ideal client. My branding needs to speak to those who are, and the sooner I get that the more my ideal client is going to find her way to me.

What does this mean to me? Well first of all it means getting way more in touch with the people that I serve. Understanding their needs, their preferences, their habits. I need to get in synch with what they value and how they make their buying decisions. Not only will this help me brand accordingly, it will help me serve them better in general.

Now I’m asking myself, why has it taken me so long to get this very obvious point? Why have I stubbornly attached to promoting the image of me, versus learning to speak the language of my clients?

The answer is about me using my business for creative expression, versus as a creative wealth building machine. Are the 2 mutually exclusive? Not at all. But I had to draw from both of these wells in order to arrive at what is more of a business and less of a hobby.

My advice now, to anyone launching their business or updating it’s brand as the next step to drive a business forward is this:

Pay attention to how your ego would have you attach to your need for self expression instead of attracting the trust of others who need your expertise.

Ask yourself that question every step of the way; When you choose your colors, your language, your media vehicles, your pricing, your packaging. If you keep seeing your favorites showing up in your business image, your likely stuck in marketing to yourself instead of your ideal client. If this is the case, good luck! You’ll undoubtedly end up attracting others who are selling what you are instead of those wanting to buy it!

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Leela Francis is and entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator. She is the founder of Vividly Woman, VividExistence Products and co-founder of VivaPreneur Academy.

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