Tips from Haus von Albe Founder Christina Hunt on Word of Mom Radio

Guest Blog Post from Christina Albe Hunt:

As a business owner and consultant, here’s how I spend my new year time to set myself and my clients up for success in the year ahead:

PAST – Recap the previous year from the nitty-gritty to a brief overview. You want to see what worked, what was fun to do, and what didn’t really work.

This is the most labor intensive part of the process and should start with data. Pull your financials, pull your advertising results, pull your sales data. Know this can get messy and, while I can (and will) tell you how to organize everything, you need to know what makes sense to you in your head.

From my marketing point of view I want to know:

  • How many campaigns were run
  • How many people we reached – by campaign and overall
  • How many pieces of engagement were created (likes, comments, shares) – by campaign and overall
  • Resulting engagement rate – by campaign and overall
  • Sales generated by marketing activity – by campaign and overall

I take all of this data and turn it into a one sheeter, like this:

PRESENT – Take inventory of your business as it stands RIGHT NOW. Look at the market conditions, your target audience, what priorities you have in the short term, what the competition is up to, and what your realistic budget looks like.

Of course I have a template for that! Check it out:


FUTURE – Plan a strategy for the year ahead.

Knowing where you came from the previous year and where you stand currently, you’ll have a clear vision on what is and is not feasible for the year ahead.

Key words: for the year ahead. Just because you have an idea and it’s not fitting in to what worked last year or what you currently have on your plate does NOT mean it can’t be in a 3-5 year plan. Do not discourage yourself!

Starting from your business objectives for the year (these should be company wide and are often sales driven because, let’s be honest, it’s all about making that money!) drill these down into further and further detail. This ensures that you never lose sight of your big business goal for the year.

Need something to organize these thoughts into a one sheeter? I got you:


And just like that, in three slides or pages, you’ve taken stock of your business. You have a pulse of the present situation. And you have a plan moving forward.

It doesn’t need to be hard but you DO need space and time to complete this. Give that to yourself, to your business, to your success.

And if at any point you get stuck, you know where to find me! #womensupportingwomen


With a BS and Master’s degree in hand, Christina has spent the last decade working in marketing from big corporations like Facebook to small start ups like BOOM Cycle in London. She’s worked in three countries and a variety of positions, all bringing her to now – starting her own business helping small to medium sized businesses market their product/services and coaching them to success.

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Instagram: @christinaamhunt

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