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Thursday on Word of  Mom Radio, Cidalia Botelho from Child Car Seat is joining me to share important information regarding how to properly use and install car seats. It takes nine months to grow a child and a moment to cause injury or death. It is so important for parents, grandparents and child-care givers to know how to use car seats and for how long!

As a mom of grown children, I am amazed at how often I drive down the road and see little children unrestrained in cars and mini vans. I am blown away by how many parents are clueless when it comes to how quickly their child can suffer catastrophic injuries and worse. “Oh but we are just going around the corner, nothing will happen.” Most accidents happen within 5 miles of home – so one would think the “around the corner” ride would be just as dangerous as the cross country trip!

Child Car Seat Safety is based in Canada, and their trained specialists come right to your home to educate new and not so new parents on how to properly install and use car seats.  They are committed to the safety and well being of your children. Join us on Word of Mom Radio and find out how to be sure you are using your car seat and child car restraints the correct way.
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