Catherine Hodder

When they started their mobile estate planning and business law practice years ago, Catherine Hodder and Kelly C. Sturmthal had young children and husbands who travelled frequently.  The attorneys structured their law practice to work around their families’ schedules, for a better work life balance. Catherine and Kelly also made “house calls” to clients, visiting them at their homes or offices. Their business model cut down on overhead expense and gave them the flexibility they needed.

Catherine and Kelly put their experiences of what worked for them into a blueprint for other attorneys seeking a better work life balance.  They wrote Law Office on a Laptop: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Mobile Law Practice, a practical resource manual for starting up and running a law practice with low overhead.

Catherine and Kelly are also behind Go Solo for Success, a website dedicated to providing inspiration, advice, support, and resources for the solo law practitioner or entrepreneur.

They are on Twitter and Instagram  @gosolo4success

They are on Facebook and Pinterest @gosoloforsuccess

Read their blogpost here:  Can a Lawyer be a Stay At Home Mom?

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Traci is proud to help share the wisdom of women as the producer and co-host on the Word of Mom Radio Network. She loves being in a partnership with Dori DeCarlo who has been a friend and inspiration since childhood. When she agreed to join the team here at WoMRadio, she never imagined how fully it would become part of her life, and how meeting so many powerful and incredible women - sharing their stories and helping to empower them and build their businesses – would be so fulfilling and FUN! Traci has worked in the theatre and entertainment realm as an actress, director, singer, producer and teacher for many years. She has also been an event producer, and done every type of office manager/bookkeeper/operations job there is. Having this platform to showcase the work of the NEW business women, as well as her own is an honor and a privilege. Making new connections and building each other up is key. Current affiliations include Thespian Arts Program, The Family Repertory Company, Labyrinth Arts Collective, Darknight Productions, G Squared Productions and more. Take every day and make it great, be happy, be healthy and most important – be yourself!

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