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The Power of ONE from Host Cena Block

The Power Of One How One Great Contact Exponentially Grows Your Business! Low Cost Networking Solutions for Start Up MOMpreneurs When I coach MOMpreneurs on building their business, I often share my philosophy on “The Power of One” – that is, never underestimate the power of one person and the impact that one connection can make on […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #2 from host Cena Block

Analyze Your Breakdowns If you are struggling with clutter in your home realize that getting organized is a means to an end. It’s time to sit in the breakdowns. Take a look at what is happening for you as a result of all of the breakdowns. Fully feel the feelings that are going on for you in […]

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Recording Artist Sara Mann Comes to Word of Mom Radio

On Word of Mom Radio Thursday March 14th at 11amPT/2pmET and LIVE on your time in archive, I am conversing with recording artist Sara Mann.  Instead of trying to tell her story – enjoy her press release…   BILLY RAY CYRUS TEAMS UP WITH SARA MANN ON HER NEW ALBUM FOR KIDNEY AWARENESS MONTH ARTIST […]

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7 Techniques MOMpreneurs Need to Know by Cena Block

Enjoy this blog post from Cena Block, owner of Sane Spaces and host of Managing MOMpreneurial Mayhem on Word of Mom Radio. How do you overcome the loneliness of being a MOMpreneur? If you’re lonely because you’re running your own business and are missing out on the social scene, this article will help! I was […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #1 from host Cena Block

Time Mapping Why do you have trouble managing your time? Well to put it simply, it’s likely due to the fact that you focus more on the pain vs. the root causes of your pain. How do you get better at managing your time? SIMPLE – Figure out where your pain is, then focus on […]

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Blog Post from Word of Mom Radio Guest Rebecca Heaslip

On January 24th on Word of Mom Radio, Rebecca Heaslip is sharing with me – here she shares a bit of what we will be talking about. Do you have the ‘guts’ to trust your gut? You can make decisions in less time, with more confidence and more success when you trust your instincts…. but […]

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Guest Post from Peggy Pollard, The Doctor’s Wife!

Happy and Healthy New Year to you MOMpreneurs! Peggy Pollard, The Doctor’s Wife, will be sharing on Word of Mom Radio on Thursday, January 17th – so catch us LIVE on your time here! This is a Guest Blog Post from Peggy – read on… I want you to have the best year ever and […]

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If Not You, Who ~ A Guest Post from Elissa Sunger and Debi Dutton

Teaching A Child vs. Letting Them Explore There are many times when it is easier and faster for adults to jump in and help a child get something done, even during play time. Showing children where a puzzle piece fits, how to dress a doll properly, or how to make noise with a musical instrument, […]

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Renee Sullivan Shares Personal Stories & Resources for a Gluten-Free Diet

Personal Stories and Resources For a Gluten-Free Diet Did you know that going gluten-free can help improve mood, behavioral disorders, foggy thinking, memory, intestinal health, acid reflux, chronic pain, and headaches? Removing gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye) can also boost energy, help with infertility, allow for better absorption of nutrients, and […]

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The Perfect Egg ~ A Guest Blog Post from Dr. Jennifer Hanes

 Dr. Jennifer Hanes redefined weight loss on Word of Mom Radio  – take a listen to the archive LIVE on your time. Here is a guest blog post – one of her recipes shared in her new book  ~ The Princess Plan Perfect Egg. Every Time.   President Lincoln started his day with a cup […]

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