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How MOMpreneurs Maintain Sanity from Host Cena Block

Since moms are so busy – in order for MOMpreneurs to maintain their sanity, it’s critical to for them to have their Sanity Dimensions™ in place whether you wish to create a profitable business or have a fulfilling career! What Are Sanity Dimensions™ Image courtesy of stockimages/ Your Sanity Dimensions™ are what I refer to as your […]

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MOMpreneur Tip #16 from Host Cena Block

GET HELP!!!!! One of the BIGGEST topics I spend time on with my MOMpreneur coaching clients is how they can juggle all the priorities of running their businesses while being a Mom. Let’s face it, many of us are trying to balance business needs within minimal times daily. Our work weeks can be strangely different […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #15 from Host Cena Block

Create an Action File! If you are a busy MOMpreneur  working on improving your goals,  it is imperative that you create easy routines that help you systematize actions that you have to repeat over and over again. Setting up solid systems in your business creates many benefits for you! How can a one person business stay on top […]

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7 Secrets To Getting Great Testimonials from host Cena Block

Did you know… that  someone else’s opinion of you leads to more credibility and quicker sales than any other form of marketing? WHY? Because people invest in the people they trust. If someone trusts you – and I trust that person and value her opinion, then I trust you – (I’d love to quote some […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #14 from host Cena Block

Understanding Your Core Values Time management is an interesting concept. Although most moms think we ‘manage time’… we can not truly manage time – time actually manages itself. The sun comes up and goes down, seasons change, and the world turns round and round – regardless of how much we control, the decisions we make,  […]

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Working with Virtual Assistants by host Cena Block

9 Ways MOMpreneurs Can Avoid Breakdowns Using Virtual Assistants Many MOMpreneurs need the assistance of virtual help to create profitable businesses in the time they are willing to devote to business. After all, we are juggling the needs of our busy families WHILE running our business operations so it often takes a village to accomplish what […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #13 from Host Cena Block

BEWARE OF SHADOW SUPPORT Most of my female clients (and especially those who are moms and MOMpreneurs) struggle MOST with asking for and setting up the support structures they need  for their own success. Support is the single biggest hurdle to cross when launching, juggling and eventually being able to effectively create profitable businesses and fulfilling […]

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12 Strategies To Work More Effectively With A Virtual Team

As a MOMpreneur in business for five years now, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different types of support people.  I’ve hired consultants, contractors, virtual assistants,  family,  friends, and support people  from other countries as well as those that are right here in my own home town.  As a MOMpreneur, I believe support is […]

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MOMpreneur Tip #12 from Host Cena Block

MOMpreneur Management Tip – SAY NO! MOMpreneurs juggle so many tasks daily, weekly, and monthly. While some MOMpreneurs do it with more ease – ’tis always a mystery how they do it? Whether you are in the pre-contemplation stages, early or developing stages of your business, MOMpreneurs above all other entrepreneurs tend to truly believe […]

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10 Things that Kill MOMpreneur Innovation from Host Cena Block

10 Things That Kill MOMpreneur Innovation & How To Avoid Them After reading a recent Forbes article titled 10 Ways Organizations Kill Innovation, by Ron Ashkenes I realized how many mom entrepreneurs struggle with the same evils that stand in their own way of innovation and success in their businesses! For each of the ten […]

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