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19 Reasons…Janice Clark Shares Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

If your social media marketing strategy isn’t working, chances are it isn’t Facebook’s fault.  It probably isn’t Twitter or Google+’s fault either.  Whose fault is it? Ultimately there could be quite a few reasons why your efforts are falling short of producing real measurable results. During the course of any given week, I get at […]

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Kicking off 2015 on The Mompreneur Model Show!

A new year begins and with it – we take what we love along, find new things to learn and watch how we grow as women and friends! This is my first Mompreneur Model Show of the 2015 and I am so excited so be sharing the amazing hosts I get to spend time with and all the great […]

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5 Goals Every Entrepreneur Should Aim for in 2015 from Janice Clark

Do you want to start the year off right? Here’s a resolution for you.  Start being realistic. [“This is what sets Janice Clark, owner of BizMSolutions and host of The Social Media Help Not Hype Show apart from and makes her show so great – she pulls no punches!” Dori DeCarlo] Entrepreneurs come to me [Janice] every […]

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A Facebook Experiment from Janice Clark

Several years ago people were frustrated and confused about how to get more engagement out of their work on Facebook.  Small businesses didn’t understand what to post or when to post it.  They needed help and I decided to provide them with a solution that would let them take matters into their own hands. I […]

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12 Strategies To Work More Effectively With A Virtual Team

As a MOMpreneur in business for five years now, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different types of support people.  I’ve hired consultants, contractors, virtual assistants,  family,  friends, and support people  from other countries as well as those that are right here in my own home town.  As a MOMpreneur, I believe support is […]

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Create Your Editorial Calendar from Host Janice Clark

We’ve all been there. It’s time to write a new blog post or make a post to your Facebook page and the worst possible thing happens! You have NOTHING to say! What do people want to know? Is anyone even listening? Today I’m going to help you create an editorial guide that not only reduces […]

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Is This Blog Post Haunted by Janice Clark

Tuesday the Business Spotlight shines on Janice Clark and the Social Media “Help NOT Hype” Show. In keeping with Halloween, Janice is sharing social media horror stories and how not to become one! Look up the word “haunted” in the dictionary and one of the definitions is to be showing signs of mental anguish or torment. […]

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If You Build It ~ by Janice Clark

Ever wonder why you aren’t getting results from your social media efforts? You’ve got a great product, service or idea. You’re a great person. And now you’re armed with brand new (or old) social media accounts and you’ve started posting. Yay! So what’s the problem? The Problem The problem is that you aren’t seeing the […]

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What to do When You Just Can’t be Social Any More! by Janice Clark

Three weeks ago something happened here.  Our area experienced terrible storms and unexpected power outages occurred throughout approximately 95% of our State.  The unthinkable had happened!  No power, no water, no internet services and no connection to the outside world. Although our situation was, thankfully, only temporary, it made me stop and really think about […]

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I Just Love Tuesdays!

I can’t tell you how much I just love Tuesdays! My mornings usually begin with tea and a chat with Sweetie Berry and then I have the chance to talk with Janice Clark or Melissa Patton in the afternoons. I can’t say it enough ~ I love Tuesdays!  Word of Mom Radio is such a […]

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