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5 More Sure-Fire Time Management Strategies from Cena Block

Successful business owners depend on habitual practices to ensure that vital tasks are completed daily, family routines are maintained, and business goals are achieved. Part 1 of “Successful Management Strategies for Mompreneurs,” outlined several strategies to begin reworking your systems to work more effectively. Once you’ve tried those, here are more, helpful tips on the […]

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Mompreneur Tip #20 – Be in the Moment by Cena Block

One of the BIGGEST topics I spend time on with my mompreneur coaching clients is how to juggle all the priorities of running their businesses while being a Mom.  One of the best suggestions I can make, and the key formula to gratefulness is: Be in the moment. Ekart Tolle in The Power of NOW – encourages […]

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7 Ways to Avoid Getting Sales-Jacked by Cena Block

7 Ways To Avoid Getting Sales-jacked By Sneaky Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Have you ever been sales-jacked? Agreeing to a meeting with someone under the guise of work, and then been ‘sold’ on their newest, latest and greatest? Within the first couple of years I was in business for myself, I met a person at […]

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Going Back to Work from Host Cena Block

Going Back To Work: How ‘SAH’ Moms Find Their Way So many professional women struggle with work life balance and guilt for leaving their kids in daycare while they work, that more than 10 million decide to stay home for awhile. This provides a break from the pressures of their careers and allows them to […]

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Working with Virtual Assistants by host Cena Block

9 Ways MOMpreneurs Can Avoid Breakdowns Using Virtual Assistants Many MOMpreneurs need the assistance of virtual help to create profitable businesses in the time they are willing to devote to business. After all, we are juggling the needs of our busy families WHILE running our business operations so it often takes a village to accomplish what […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #13 from Host Cena Block

BEWARE OF SHADOW SUPPORT Most of my female clients (and especially those who are moms and MOMpreneurs) struggle MOST with asking for and setting up the support structures they need  for their own success. Support is the single biggest hurdle to cross when launching, juggling and eventually being able to effectively create profitable businesses and fulfilling […]

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A Guest Blog Post from MOMpreneur Marcela De Vivo

Using Your Mom Blog to Launch Your Freelance Business It seems like everybody has a blog these days. While creating your own blog can be a fun outlet for your creativity, it can turn into more than that if you’re savvy. In fact, you can turn your mom blog into a full-fledged freelance business by […]

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Your Secret Weapon from Host Cena Block

  Why Self Confidence Is Your Secret Weapon For Business Success As a coach for small business owners, I meet new people every day in the course of business. What I find to be one of the most distinguishing characteristics between those people who succeed in business and those who struggle has surprisingly nothing to do with […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #6 from Host Cena Block

Legitimize Your Business  This is typical of MOMpreneurs and women in general. To avoid going out big – or being too committed, many of us ‘back into’ our businesses. We set up our ‘office’ on top of our dining room (or kitchen) table – in the center of everything and expect that we’ll be successful. NOT. […]

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Dr. Lynne Kenney Shares on Word of Mom Radio

Family Therapy and More with Dr. Lynne Kenney Lynne Kenney, Psy.D., is a mother of two, a practicing pediatric psychologist at in Scottsdale, AZ, and the author of  The Family Coach Method. She has advanced fellowship training in forensic psychology and developmental pediatric psychology from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Harbor-UCLA/UCLA Medical School. Her […]

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