Beth Butler-March 31st

Word of Mom welcomes Beth Butler – better known as Boca Beth – who has made it fun for our children to learn Spanish as a second language. Beth began her journey when her daughter was 14 months old and enrolled in a pre-school to encourage interaction. Beth would visit the school and would write songs to melodies of familiar children’s music. For instance, she used the tune to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and wrote new words to match the beat while introducing a brand new concept of how to say “Hi” and “Bye” in English as well as “Hola” and “Adiós” in Spanish. Little children (being the sponges that they are between the ages of birth to five) soaked up the new songs quickly, asking for “More Boca Beth / Más Boca Beth” with each visit made to their preschool. Thus the Boca Beth program was born!!! Her goal is to create better communication within our increasingly diverse society by providing a fun and easy introduction to Spanish and English with music, movement and creativity. The program now features 4 bilingual CD’s. 3 bilingual educational movies, color/activity books, puppets and more. Join us here at 2pmEST/11amPST on the 31st and find out more about the Boca Beth way!

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