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In a world that screams more more more, it seems we as a society are experiencing less happiness, less solidity, less joy than many generations before us.  We’ve evolved as people to the point that we’re outsourcing everything from raising our children to connecting to our peers through social media.  Our media has stopped censoring what our children see, our expectations for what is appropriate for family life have become so wide in range that no one is truly surprised anymore at anything it seems.  What happened to the basics of structuring ones’ character? What happened to common sense? What happens to our children when the values of honesty, integrity, and honor are no longer considered important anymore.  Dorothy, we’re not in Oz any more. is the new electric front porch. In small communities, the front porch serves as a place where people gather to share daily life.  They celebrate together, they review the days events, they gather to mourn, they teach each other and they listen to what happened in their lives and families.  Generations of folks have used the front porch to affirm the stories of their families, communities, and to share the lessons of those who went before them.  Once upon a time we were connected to our communities, our neighbors, and our extended families. However, our lives today and ability to be mobile have meant that many folks are simply disconnected. They may not know their neighbor much less share time with them.  Young families are no longer taught at PTA or PTO’s how to parent, many churches and temples have dropped any expectation of teaching how to be families, to maintain marriages on the concern that it’s not “PC” or “politically correct.” We’ve so carefully progressed to protect the rights of everyone to be who they are, we’ve taken away the protection of our youngest to enter a society that shares common truths of safety and protection of their minds and hearts.  We’ve thrown out the baby with the bath.

At Basics Matter, we’ve gathered writers, authors, and speakers who focus on helping themselves and others put first things first in their lives.  Whether its Basics in Living, Education, Business, At Home or Online Resources, we seek to provide reliable information for relationships, systems, reliable products, and family.  Each day of the week we have a different focus across all subject areas.  Relationship Mondays we focus on personal and professional relationships and how to strengthen them. Tuesday is the sharing of systems that simplify or help make daily life work.  Wednesday our writers share their own reliable resources and how they use them.  Thursdays we focus on family, food, and fellowship in preparation for the weekend.  Fridays are about good stewardship in your personal and professional life, financial tips and ideas to help your money go further and to work for you!  This fall we’ll begin Saturday School, a chance to learn new skills in mini courses, whether its cooking or accounting, SEO, or how to blog, we’ll have courses from basics to advanced learners. Our premise is you shouldn’t have to pay to learn until you know what you need to know. Our experts will share short courses for free. If you then realize  you have a “fit” for the learning style and level you need, you may engage in a later course that more specifically develops that skill for the cost of an hour’s wage. Folks have spent years becoming proficient, so we feel its important to pay for the labor of their expertise, yet we seek to keep the cost for the learner to a manageable level. Of course you can always get training on the internet for free, the joy of Saturday School courses, is we’re assuring participants that they are experiencing no hype, reliable instruction on the topic of their choice. When you see the hashtag #RR on Twitter, that stands for “Reliable Resource” and someone from has “stamped” that conversation or product as a reliable resource to consider.

Basics Matter.  Whether its how to begin your own business or how to create a budget that works for your family.  We all appreciate it when we have a place to find other folks who share our values. We value those who have learned or gone before us sharing what they experienced. seeks to humbly become the community front porch for folks who seek to keep first things first in their lives at home and in business.  It’ll be a comfortable place, no hype, no pressure, just a community of people who are helping each other keep first things first in their lives and sharing their experiences, and adventures along the way. In today’s society we know that more is not always more, and that sometimes simply returning to the basics of living, relationships, and business matters.

We hope you’ll join us at, pull up  a chair and visit a while!


Sweetie Berry is a wife, mom, and step mom. She is a Creative Strategist and owner of She’s So There which creates and implements strategy to handle the messy parts of brilliance. Cultivating projects that empower people, Sweetie and her husband have co-founded to support first things first at home and in business. You can email her at She’s on Facebook at and on Twitter at @SweetieBerry

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