April 21 on Word of Mom

Tetka Rhu on BlogTalkRadio – YES, you have the POWER!

On April 21 at 2pmEDt/11amPDT Tetka Rhu will be on Word of Mom on BlogTalkRadio. A Goddess of Spirituality, Tetka is joining me from Brisbane, Australia – so those of you that doubt the reach of Twitter take notice! Here is a bit of info on Tetka – an amazing woman of vision and strength. Courage of Commitment to following a road less traveled and daring to beat with the rhythm of her own drum springs to her mind immediately as she revels in the Journey of her spirit. Her passion of purpose to walk her talk has seen many diverse experiences lead to this moment. Growing up as the eldest of 6 children, Tetka found books to be a comfort and solace where the world of fantasy and dreamland were an escape from her daily life. Unbeknown to her this world would open her to seeking her quest for the Holy Grail. The University of Life has fanned into existence a variety of Careers culminating in a totally new journey through Fun, Travel and Art as a Social Entrepreneur in 2009.

Today, Tetka magnifies her essence through Intention, Breath, and Focus on the intended result for movement to happen as a natural momentum through continual repetition of the process. This formula is breathing into many peoples’ reality “Embrace Your Goddess” Contemporary Art, Art Prints, Clothing, Gift Cards to awaken the Giant within themselves and their environment. Super charging a powerful formula for INCREDIBLE lifestyle changes for everyone who participates in and engages in Embrace Your Goddess experiences be it One on One, Group Workshops or Seminars is NOW open for people to receive. Tetka embraces you into her life WHEN you are inspired to take action to “Own YOUR Power” in YOUR life. Join us on Word of Mom on BlogTalkRadio at 2pmEDT/11amPDT or be part of the conversation by calling 347 850 8994.

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