Another Chapter Beginning…

Each day is a new beginning…every day holds possibilities we’ve yet to experience.

I once heard something that I just love to share – “Life offers us a second chance…its called tomorrow!” I realized that our “second chance” happen every moment we are here on this earth. Life can change at a moments notice and embracing that change is somethings that often we resist.

Why do we fight the inevitable; why do we resist change when it is the only constant in life. Everything changes, everything evolves and life offers us endless possibilities to create joy.  Too often we re-read the story of our life instead of writing a new chapter Рthis is why so many of us make the same mistakes instead of new ones! I laugh as I type this because we will always make mistakes Рthe trick is to learn from them!

So…what new chapter will you begin today? Let it be a chapter filled with change and the chance to be the best you can be today- tomorrow will take care of itself.

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