5 Time Strategies for Successful Mompreneurs from Cena Block

Successful business owners depend on habitual practices to ensure that vital tasks are completed daily, family routines are maintained, and business goals are achieved. This post is Part 1 of “Successful Time Strategies for Mompreneurs”. This outlines several strategies to help you begin reworking your business systems to work more effectively and accomplish your tasks within the time you have!

  1. Successful womanSystematize personal ‘sanity’ strategies. One person’s sanity strategies may not be the same as another’s. But, looking deeper into the Sanity Dimensions™ of your space, your systems, your self-care habits, and the level of support you receive daily will help uncover areas in your business that may operate more efficiently if they were better systemized. For instance, the 2 R’s of Routine and Ritual can be critical success factors when implementing health and wellness practices. Paying for a gym membership, signing up for a fitness class, committing to an accountability partner could be strategies that help systematize your self-care. Accountability, commitment and financial output increase your motivation to show up regularly for these opportunities.
  2. Schedule effectively.  Scheduling places all your tasks into like categories and blocks out time for completion. Just as you schedule time for grocery shopping, you must schedule time for business development and marketing tasks. Chunk tasks into categorical functions and then block out time for completion.
  3. Create routines for maintenance. 
Creating a regular schedule for routine maintenance tasks will ensure these tasks are completed and will put less stress on business flow and family members. For the work-at-home entrepreneur, that could include tasks like office cleaning, reorganizing, taking inventory or laundry and facilities maintenance. Homezeda.com is an excellent place to find DIY checklists.  Or, click here for some great articles on specific home maintenance how tos!
  4. React, respond, and re-prioritize. Flexibility and adaptability are learned skills that will allow you to react, respond, and reprioritize tasks and restructure workflow as details and events change. Making decisions quickly with the information available to you at the time is a critical skill that frees you from time-wasters like perfectionism, indecision, and second-guessing yourself.
  5. Manage it. 
 Release the ‘I’ve always done it this way’ mindset if your current systems not working. Seek input from friends and other successful business owners. Try out proven practices and choose methods that work best in your business and family life.

Consciously committing to business methods and techniques that work to achieve the kind of success you want will put you on the path to creating a balance between work and family life. Be willing to explore (and share) methods that work for you and be willing to retire methods that are not working. Reach out to others for suggestions and better practices, or model their own systems to save yourself time and energy. Stay tuned until next week, where I will share “Part 2″ of “Successful Time Strategies for Mompreneurs”! Image courtesy of Photokanok/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Meet Cena Block
Cena Block is a successful MOMpreneur on a mission. She is a coach, talk show host, speaker, author, and founder of Sane Spaces, (sanespaces.com) and the upcoming MagnificentMompreneurs.Com – from Mom to Wow®.  Her private coaching, group programs, and teleseminars kick-start MOMpreneurs and help them thrive. She hosts ‘Managing MOMpreneur Mayhem’ a bi-weekly show on Word of Mom Radio.  She offers time management & sanity systems to overcome overwhelm so entrepreneurs can prioritize the things they love most while still running successful businesses. Get her 9 video strategies, workbook and free tips for MOMpreneurs here: http://bit.ly/14Yq17L  You can find her @sanespaces on any of the social media sites, or contact her directly at cena@sanespaces.com.

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