3 Success Tips Recap with Debi and Elissa


Thanks to all who tuned in to Productive Play this week where we talked about three tips for preschoolers that will help prepare a child for kindergarten increase their chances of life long success. Sleep, Plan & Read- simple yet effective things for parents to encourage amongst their young children.

After each “Productive Play” show, we recap the episode here on the Word of Mom Radio Blog. Everyone is busy so if you had to tune out early, missed the original show, or need a refresher of the activities, this is where you can check back and find all the information you need!

Productive Play Show #12

3 Tips Success

  • Sleep!
    1. preschoolers typically sleep 11-13 hours a night
    2. afternoon nap or quiet time can be beneficial
    3. sleep depravation signs: cranky, irritable, yawning, rubbing eyes, falling asleep in the car, having to wake up your child every morning.
    4. consider a bedtime routine (let child help create!) and stick to it most nights!
  • Read!
    1. make 20 minutes a day a habit
    2. engage child in reading: ask questions (opinion, comparison, prediction etc..)
    3. check list of age appropriate books on our website or ask your local librarian


  • www.teachingstrategies.com
  • “Extraordinary Parent” by Lynn Fielding
  • www.ifnotyouwho.org

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Thanks for stopping by Word of Mom Radio. We are quite excited for the opportunity to share ideas and activities during the monthly show of Productive Play. If you have any questions, or show ideas or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us. And remember to visit www.ifnotyouwho.org and discover over 300+ free activities that help prepare kids for kindergarten and life! ~ Debi & Elissa

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